MEDICAL CARE for CDC Evacuees One of the services done to CDC evacuees was a medical clinic with Dr. Oliver Leyson from CCF. 24 evacuees had their check-up (13 adults and 11 children). Prescribed medications are bought and given out to respective patients. Most medications that were bought were good for only two days.

All antibiotics were complete. One of the evacuees is Lola Josefa Ornales, 95 yrs old. Dr Leyson diagnosed that she was dehydrated and sent her to hospital for admission. Our staff brought her to the nearby hospital but it was not operational. Thus, the family of Lola Josefa brought her to one of the hospitals in Trece Martires, and she was treated for several hours. After the treatment, Lola Josefa was brought back to CDC and is now under the care of her three grandchildren.

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