Revive church discipleship post-pandemic — Church Renewal Ministries

Revive church discipleship post-pandemic — Church Renewal Ministries

“The only solution to the post-pandemic church crisis is to renew and revive the church’s Biblical discipleship that will empower and equip every church member to abide in the Word of God and translate them in their daily living.”

This was the main message of Church Renewal Founder and Director Pastor Ray Duerksen who emphasized the need of the church’s intense renewal and revival during the PCEC-Church Renewal Ministries Partnership and Presentation webinar last October 17 via Zoom.

“The starting point of intense renewal and revival in the church is to have holy discontent, fervent prayer and perseverance,” he added.

Pastor Ray Duerksen recognized that there is a church crisis in the pandemic. One of the worst indicators that arose during the pandemic is the church’s lack of doctrinal equipping that resulted to doctrinal compromise.

Due to the church’s transition to online services, Christians think that they can listen to any preacher online without  Biblical discernment because the church leaders do not equip it’s members to abide in the Word of God and translate it in their daily living.

“I pray for the church in the Philippines to be renewed by returning to the ancient paths. The return isn’t just to beliefs only but also in practice. We don’t change by believing in things. we change by practicing them. The beliefs simply get us to the practices.”

“Church Renewal starts with you.” –Pantoja

Rev. Joshua Pantoja, Church Renewal Southeast Asia Director stated that revival and renewal starts with the leader who is consistently walking with Jesus and abiding in the Scriptures.

“We believe that your church will be renewed but it starts with you as we walk faithfully with him.” Rev. Pantoja said.

PCEC National Director, Bishop Noel Pantoja is blessed and thankful for the partnership of Church Renewal because this partnership only proves that the Gospel is not locked down but advancing.

According to him, this partnership is the answer to his prayer in terms of developing healthy churches and pastors in the churches in the Philippines.

“In the Midst of COVID19, we see the hand of God moving mightily powerfully caring for his church and caring for the workers of the Kingdom and the church.” Bishop Pantoja said.

The Church Renewal Ministries was launched during the 2019 PCEC National Assembly. It  aims to disciple and equip pastors to renew, disciple and equip their churches for the glory of God.

55 church leaders were present during the webinar.

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