DATE: Aug 4, 2022

SUBJECT: Warning on a woman posing with suspicious spiritual gift and authority.

TO: All churches under the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches

Please consider this a notice about the activities of a woman who is called or known under several names and aliases, such as Melissa Anne Valdez, a.k.a. Melissa Madela, Valdez, Melissa Anne Rodgers, Anne Cano, Kirsten James. (“Melissa“).

Through careful research and investigation, it is clear that she goes around and hops from church to church and other fellowships, confirmed are the following churches where she has visited: Church so Blessed, Favor Church, and just recently, River of God and other churches .

The most recent visit was with River of God, where Melissa has been found, purporting to display spiritual manifestations and gifts. This event, Melissa and her team “organized” an event called, “Delivered and Loved Freedom Conference” last July 29, where the highlight was with an alumni of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). On the poster of said event, there were only two speakers but in the actual event, she turned out to be the third speaker.  

Melissa claims too, to be from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) in Redding, California, but upon checking with them through the help of Rev. Che Ahn, Head of Harvest International Ministry (HIM), BSSM has found no record of Melissa or any other name she uses as stated above. Bethel and HIM are both charter members of a group called Revival Alliance. 

At the end of the event last July 29, 2022, and this confirms her false spirit, she called for an altar call where she called her team to minister. Melissa prayed for people and while the people lined up for her, she went for a quick “bathroom break” and when she came back, she excitedly showed people that she had “gold dust” on her. People flocked to her and started taking photos and videos of the situation including the fabricated glitters.

Incidentally , glitters were found scattered on the bathroom floor in the stall she was in. Videos were taken of this as evidence that Melissa FAKED THE “GOLD DUST” ON HER. Clearly, this is outright deception, if not bordering with  blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

As of this time, after confrontation by Favor Church and River of God, she refused to repent and be corrected on this issue and is confirmed to have victimized believers for money, as well as causing deception and division among the brethren.

We have found many complaints against her from people in churches, from among her own relatives, including her former husband in the USA, former churchmates, and leaders, etc. Non-believers are also some of her victims which has affected the body of believers.

Thus, with this warning, please keep watch over your flock and do not let these wolves in sheep’s clothing come to our churches. Let’s continue to cover each other in prayer.

Bishop Chito Sanchez, River of God Church

Pastor James Aiton, Favor Church

Pastor Hiram Pangilinan, Church So Blessed

Bishop Noel A. Pantoja, Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches

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  1. Albert B Olegario

    Thank you for the information, for the safe of the Body and sound communications. God bless.

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