A Message from Bishop Noel Pantoja

Filipinos, let’s join the pain of our brothers!

“” Call for Participation in Relief of Taal volcano eruption””

KCN produced a message of Bishop Pantoja, PCEC to challenge Ph. churches and Christians for participation in relief of Taal volcano eruption.

How grateful it is for relief agencies abroad and for missionaries in the Philippines.
But above all, it is time for the Philippine church and the Christians to participate in this work and practice unity as brothers, the love of Christians, and the love of the nation.

Small churches as well as large churches are needed to participate in these calamities in any way and in any size.

It is thankful that many Filipinos are involved in relief work. May there be a greater spark of fire …

also available in Youtube: https://youtu.be/4nSM7HKdVS0