PCEC is looking for organizations and churches that could be partners in these 5 areas of impact:

  1. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT for the equipping and training of leaders and ministers in the church.
  2. CHRISTIAN UNITY for preserving peace in the body of Christ, strengthening bonds among leaders and also with people of other faiths.
  3. CHURCH GROWTH AND MISSIONS for the mobilization and sending of fully trained disciples.
  4. SECTORAL TRANSFORMATION for the discipleship of men, women, children, and youth among different sectors of society.
  5. SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION for ministering to those in need of compassion and service, to uplift and maintain the quality of life of every citizen.

If you would like to download the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM, click on the button below and save the PDF file on your computer.

Call the PCEC office at (02)913-1655 for more information.

Please look for Dab Manalo