Church Growth and Missions

One of the ways a Christ-centered nation can be achieved is through mobilizing every believer to minister in their mission fields, in the Philippines and beyond
1. The League of Philippine Evangelist (LPE)

The League of Philippine Evangelists (LPE) is a commission of PCEC with the task of enlisting, equipping, and mentoring Filipino evangelists to effectively proclaim the Gospel to the whole nation.  LPE also provides short courses and conducts monthly modular evangelistic seminars along with actual hands-on witnessing, evangelism, and crusades in coordination with denominations, local churches and para-church organizations.

2. Philippine Missions Association (PMA)

The Philippine Missions Association, PCEC missions commission, promotes cooperative action in the recruitment, equipping and mobilization of cross-cultural missionaries, foreign missionaries and Overseas Filipino Workers who will serve as tent-makers in different places throughout the world. PMA is now acting as a facilitator, mobilizer, missions broker, coach and consultant to help enhance the mission programs and goals of its member bodies.

1. Sports Commission

The SPORTS COMMISSION is a strategic coalition birthed from a call to unite all sports ministries and ministers around the cross of Jesus Christ in the Philippines. Its primary mission is to catalyze church health using every sports platform available by partnering with denominations, local churches, para-church organizations, schools and seminaries, local and global sports ministries, businesses, pro and amateur athletes, sports teams and fans for all ages including children and people with disabilities. In line with PCEC’s 120×2020 vision, Sports Commission’s battle-cry is, “Every Christian A Champion. Every Court A Church. Every Coach A Catalyst!”