Peace and Christian Unity

A peaceful nation is one where Christ, the Prince of Peace reigns. Thus, we work towards attaining and maintaining Biblical shalom in the Christian community and in the country
1. Peacemakers Philippines

Peacemakers Philippines is a member of PCEC’s Justice Peace and Reconciliation (JPAR) Commission. It seeks to strengthen the Body of Christ in the Philippines by advocating and advancing a culture of biblical peacemaking. Peacemakers Philippines believes that while conflict among Christians is inevitable, lawsuits and fights among believers may be avoided. Peacemakers Philippines assists Christian churches, groups and individuals who are in conflict through practical training, coaching and mediation.

2. Philippine Ministerial Fellowship Network

The Philippine Ministerial Fellowship Network envisions the body of Christ providing united and holistic Christian Witness by ensuring a strong and empowered organization of municipal or city ministerial fellowship heads alongside the denominational leaders for the ultimate purpose of saturating the country with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This commission facilitates networking, communications, and partnership among ministerial fellowship heads and with the denominational leaders in order to help fulfill the Great Commission.

3. Justice Peace and Reconciliation Commission

Justice, Peace, and Reconciliation Commission (JPARCOM) is committed to help in the transformational church-resourcing and peace-building ministries among the people of this beautiful but conflicted archipelago. This commission is a practical articulation of a Peace Theology—that is, advancing the Gospel of Shalom. Shalom is understood as harmony with the Creator, harmony with our Being, harmony with Others, and harmony with the Creation.

4. Legal Advocacy and Public Policy Review Commission (LAPPRCOM)

Legal Advocacy