Sectoral Discipleship

The spiritual equipping of different sectors of society is attained through addressing their special and unique needs in a changing world
1. Christian Educator's Network

The Christian Educators’ Network (CEDNet) is an association of Christians engaged in teaching children and youth as PCEC responds to Education as a ministry. Education is one of the 7 spheres of the Philippine Society. CEdNet envisions to “gather Christian Educators to equip, support and serve one another in upholding relevant Christian education.” This is anchored on the desire to “Shepherd the Teachers’ Hearts”.

2. National Youth Moveement

The National Youth Movement seeks to reach out to Filipino young people through organized programs with the help of different Christian Youth Organizations. It aims to help instill values that will promote the culture of excellence, pursuit of learning and patriotism in young people, and to develop healthy working relationship among youth organizations through its programs- networking, research, capacity building, advocacy and resource development.

3. Family Commission

The PCEC Family Commission aims to help strengthen marital relationships of Christian couples and equips them in building a strong and godly family that will in turn contribute to fortifying the nation’s foundation. This commission partners with churches and organizations towards the enrichment of lives; creating meaningful experiences, and developing solid relationships among the family members. Its mission seeks to address and respond to the critical issues that arise in the family by providing avenues for growth and relational maturity.

4. Fellowship of Christians in the Government

The Fellowship of Christians in Government, Inc. (FOCIG) is a network of Christians in various government offices who are committed to share the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ; support and encourage each other in living out God’s values in our government institutions; promote justice and righteousness in their workplaces; assist the public in their transactions with the government; and prevent and fight graft and corruption.

5. Philippine Children's Ministries Network

PCMN is a Christ-centered national network of Christian children’s ministries, local churches, mission groups and individuals which is committed to enhancing the Christian response. It seeks to facilitate a unified approach to children’s mission by linking the different key people in the ministry. It also strives to strengthen current initiatives and encourage the development of other children’s ministries and to create a strong Christian voice on behalf of the children.

6. Women's Commission

The PCEC Women’s Commission seeks to meet the needs of Filipino women through encouragement, fellowship, communication, holistic evangelism and development programs. The Commission envisions to see a growing number of women in every sector of society consistently walking with God, exercising their God-given gifts and abilities in His service, making an impact on their respective spheres of influence and on society.

7. Men's Commission

Promise Keepers is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to introducing men to Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord and helping them to grow in His grace and in service. This organization is committed to help men assume their God- ordained roles with dedication and accountability. Its mission starts with building a network of vital relationships, thus empowering men in the area of leadership for societal change.

8. Christians in Media Network

Christians in Media is a network among media practitioners that aims to unite efforts and effective means to impact society for Christ through the 
tri-media and other emerging ones like the internet. It endeavors to connect with Christian personalities in TV, radio, prints, and cyberspace; strengthening the local networks through conferences, seminars, fellowships, retreats, etc. It also seeks to advocate biblical perspectives on national issues, and to model standards of excellence and personal ethics within the profession of mass communications.

9. Chaplaincy Commission

The PCEC Chaplaincy Commission serves as the chaplaincy endorsement arm of PCEC for those who wish to seek chaplaincy ministries to the PNP and AFP, to provide pastoral and religious services, spiritual guidance and counseling to the uniformed personnel and their dependence regardless of religious affiliation.